CANDi Rescue - Mexico Update 1

To all my friends, family and fans...

I really wish you could all be here with me on this journey with Cats and Dogs International (CANDi). It really is amazing.

We had to put down a St. Bernard sad.  I had to go find a corner and cry afterwards. We also had to put some dogs back on the street this morning that were operated on yesterday, so we could bring more dogs in. So freaking sad.

After being part of this experience the last couple days, I understand even more how critical it is to get the word out and encourage people to open their homes to these animals.  There is a desperate need for foster homes and for people to adopt these animals.

There are lots of great, really well tempered, loving street dogs that need adoption or temporary homes.

All of these animals would be spayed or neutered and given all their shots. 

There is something incredible about the temperament of the street dogs when they get rescued - it's hard to describe it. They are just so thankful to be found, and know that their lives have changed forever. It would be a shame to send anymore animals back on the streets.

I've asked the clinic not to release anymore animals back on the streets until after the clinic this Friday because I'm SO hopeful a few more days will give us time to spread the word and help us find a few more loving homes.

I know it's a lot to ask, but please...if you are considering getting a pet this week (buying or adopting), PLEASE look into CANDi and just CONSIDER giving one of the stray animals I'm helping RIGHT now a chance.

I apologize that I can't get photos or video right now because my access to the Internet is limited, and I'm actually TEXTING this message to my team to help me get to you all.

Check out CANDi - that's all I ask.  

I'll be getting you more updates from Cancun, Mexico as soon as I can. 





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