Only When You're Lonely - Hits Radio May 9th

The debut radio single from the upcoming album, Only When You're Lonely, will hit Canadian Country radio on Monday, May 9th.  

Preview the song:


Only When You’re Lonely

(Craig Moritz/Steve Fox)


You only love me when you’re lonely

When you’re not you barely know me

When we’re on we’re really on but all along

I know you’re gonna disown me

Ain’t gonna be your booty call

A piece a meat and that’s all

I know I’m your one and only

But only when you’re lonely


Verse 1

I am man so hear me roar

Ain’t gonna be your fool no more

You got a switch inside your heart

On and off stop and start

I pick the petals off a daisy; you love me

You don’t and then you do and I’m confused

You get exactly what you want

And in the end I’m gonna lose




Verse 2

Been workin’ out most day and night

To keep my body toned and tight

I waxed my back just for you

Put on some metro sexy shoes

I twiddle my thumbs and try to smile and while

I sit around and wait and I pretend

That the telephone will ring

Looks like you stood me up again





Ya we’re a real June and Johnny

But only when you’re lonely


Oh I wish that you would hold me

Not only when you’re lonely


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