Thank you Air Transat

To the Amazing Air Transat Team!

I just wanted to send you off a quick note to say thank you for everything you are all doing for CANDi.

I recently joined CANDi as their official spokesperson and attended my first spay and neuter clinic in April. The clinic itself was amazing and life changing for me. I felt that so much was accomplished, yet only scratched the surface of solving this worldwide problem. What you all are doing at Air Transat is really invaluable. Not only are you making it possible for many volunteers to get to the clinics who might not normally be able to afford the flight, you're also making it a seamless effort to rescue the animals and bring them back for rehabilitation and adoption.

Getting people to the clinics is a major part of the battle. If we have the people...we can do amazing things. Whether it’s a vet...or a regular volunteer...or someone who runs a rescue back in Canada and is able to bring several animals back with them; if the people couldn't get there...the clinic wouldn't be possible so again.....thank you!


Me with my three dogs (Left to right: Dakota, Gizmo and Stella, the newest addition to the family)

I have two dogs myself and I tell ya....if I didn't live in a tiny one bedroom condo...I would have brought several more animals home with me. I was however, able to bring three dogs back with me.

One was a new addition to my family, and I adopted out the others to some great families. It was my first time doing so, and Air Transat was so accommodating.

Here's my favorite part - after I picked up the dogs in the baggage are, I was waiting for the rest of my luggage at the carousel. Both of the pilots on the flight (273 I believe) came up to me and stopped for a couple mins and asked how the dogs were doing. They said "We tried to make it comfortable for them....kept the temp around 16 degrees." I was blown away! Not only did they go outta their way to ask how the dogs were, but also assured me that the dogs had a comfortable flight. It was so cool of them!

I believe Air Transat has a huge opportunity to help animals on a global basis.  Tourism is a unique vehicle to make this happen.  Tourists like myself love their pets, and through CANDi and  with support like yours, we can show them how.  I know that Air Transat is the first travel company to support the humane treatment of animals, and I am sure that once the word gets out, many other travel organizations will get on board and help save countless lives.


Craig Moritz

CANDi Spokesperson | Recording Artist | Dog Owner | Animal Lover 

Me in Mexico with CANDi in April


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