Craig Moritz is...Better Than That [New Video]

Craig Moritz is...BETTER THAN THAT - the official music video for the hit radio single. 


The video is the second in a 3-part trilogy that shows the relationship between Craig and his love interest. 




Thanks to Canadian Radio for Supporting 'Better Than That'

A big thanks to Canadian radio for supporting the new single 'Better Than That' and to all the friends and fans calling, emailing, Facebooking and Tweeting in requests! Keep those requests coming, and we'll have the official music video out…


The Story of Hule - the Machete Dog

by Natalie Harper for Craig Moritz and CANDi (as accounted by Craig Moritz)

What does Craig Moritz do when he's not touring, performing shows, recording in Nashville, or hanging at the dog park with his four dogs -…


"Christmas Down In Mexico" Radio Requests

A big thanks to all the radio stations across Canada playing 'Christmas Down in Mexico' and thanks to everyone for calling / emailing / Facebooking / Tweeting and requesting it!

See below for a list of all the stations you…


Requesting 'With You' at Canadian Country Radio

Hey everyone

Thanks so much for all the support of the new single 'With You' - I know you've been requesting it a lot, and every request helps, so...thanks a ton!!

I thought I'd post the list of stations where…