CANDi Announces Seventh Animal Sterilization Clinic in Cancun

A press release from Cats and Dogs International (CANDi). Really happy to be able to join CANDi and all the incredible volunteers for my third trip.








November 21, 2011 - CANDi (Cats and Dogs International) and Isla Animals, with the support of Animalistas Cancun, and Cancun Animal Rescue, will be holding another dog and cat sterilization clinic with international volunteer veterinarian group, VIDAS, in the community of Bonfil in Cancun, Mexico on January 20-24, 2012. 


VIDAS is a group of international veterinarians, veterinary students, and animal loving volunteers who are committed to animal health and who travel annually to several locations in Quintana Roo, a state in Mexico, to perform dog/cat sterilization clinics.


The clinic, CANDi’s 7th since 2008, will begin on Friday, January 20th, 2012, and go for five (5) days until Tuesday, January 24th, 2012.


CANDi, Isla Animals, and VIDAS plan to safely sterilize hundreds of animals during these five (5) days, saving thousands of unborn puppies and kittens from lives of starvation, disease, and inhumane treatment.


“CANDi believes the answer to reduce animal overpopulation is sterilization and education and promotes these solutions with the help of the tourism industry and pet loving travelers,” said Darci Galati, founder of CANDi.


Like many areas of Mexico, the community of Bonfil in Cancun struggles to provide adequate resources for its human population, which makes allocating funding to the needs of stray animals out of the question. These free sterilization clinics provide locals with a way to care for and protect their beloved pets and also control the stray animal population in their community. 


"We are excited to be working together with VIDAS and our local animal partners in January and in years to come in Bonfil,” said Galati. “We know that it is proven that by returning to the same location year after year, that we can make a significant difference to the dog and cat overpopulation. It is our sincerest goal to do this for the animals and the community of Bonfil."


Also participating in this clinic will be country music recording artist, Craig Moritz, who is CANDi’s official celebrity spokesperson. Craig is deeply committed to helping solve the problem of stray dogs and cats at resort destinations and this will be his third mission to Mexico as a volunteer at CANDi’s sterilization clinics. His kindness and hard work have been highlights of the past two (2) clinics in Cancun. 


CANDi, with the help of Isla Animals and other Humane Partners like Animalistas Cancun and Cancun Animal Resue, has sterilized thousands of animals in Cancun and the Yucatan over the years. CANDi believes the answer to reduce animal overpopulation is sterilization and education and promotes these solutions with the help of the tourism industry and pet loving travelers.


About CANDi


CANDi (Cats and Dogs International) is a non-profit organization that saves the lives of stray cats and dogs in Mexico, the Caribbean and other international destinations through spay, neuter, adoption and educational programs, supported and funded by the tourism industry, travelers and pet lovers.


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