It's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year!!

Well, it's that exciting time of the year again - country music awards season!!

Canadian Country Music Association (CCMAs) has started their 2012 awards process, and it's time for CCMA members to have their say, and nominate contenders for the awards (taking place in Saskatoon in September this year).

You're probably seeing a lot of emails and posts like 'For Your Consideration' and some of you might wonder what that means.

Well, it means that an artist/band is hoping to have CCMA members consider them and their music/projects in the initial nomination process because they are eligible to be nominated for certain awards for their work.

And guess what...

Craig is eligible!

Craig can be 'considered' for the following awards:

1) Interactive Artist of the Year 

2) Songwriter(s) of the Year

3) Male Artist of the Year

So - for all the CCMA members out there, consider casting a nomination for Craig! 

You can put forward your nomination here: before May 23!


The CM Team




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