Canadian Country Artist and Animal Advocate Gears up for Second Animal Rescue and Sterilization Campaign in Support of Cats and Dogs International 

October 24, 2011 (Edmonton, AB) – Country crooner Craig Moritz is best known for his tongue-and-cheek songs that poke fun at himself for letting himself go, gaining a little weight; drinking more; shaving less, sleeping in too late, or getting booty called by a girl who only loves him when she’s lonely. However, his fan base is quickly growing as people start to realize he is very serious about animal advocacy.

“I tend to be a pretty fun, down-to-earth guy who likes to inject a lot of humour into my music and concerts, but until recently most people didn’t know how much of an animal lover I am,” said Craig Moritz. “I have three dogs, and have always unofficially supported local Humane Societies or animal rescue and adoption programs. It’s something I take quite seriously, and it’s really great that through my music, I get to talk to current and new fans about animal advocacy. And it’s really cool to see the support my fans give to animal causes, and the stories they tell me about how they help.”

In spring of 2011, Craig contacted Cats and Dogs International (CANDi) inquiring how he could help support their organization. CANDi founder and president, Darci Galati immediately invited Craig to become the organization’s official spokesperson.

"We are so pleased to have Craig Moritz join the CANDi team and help us raise awareness about the critical need to help animals at home and beyond our borders," said Darci Galati, President and Founder of CANDi. "Craig's love for animals and passion to help them is inspiring.  With his help, we'll be able to help even more cats and dogs and help them find loving homes; something every animal deserves. His commitment to CANDi’s mission helps us spread the word about the need to control animal overpopulation by sterilizing our pets and adopting rescue animals to put an end to the unnecessary euthanization of 5 to 6 million adoptable dogs and cats annually, here and throughout the world.”

Craig joined Darci and dozens of other volunteers on his first rescue mission and sterilization clinic with CANDi in Cancun, Mexico in April 2011. Craig returned to Canada having helped rescue hundreds of stray animals from the streets of Cancun where they are often left to live a life in suffering. In addition, Craig found several dogs happy homes in Canada, and even adopted his own Mexican import – Stella.

Now Craig is returning to Cancun with CANDi for its biggest training and sterilization campaign yet.

From October 31 – November 4 Craig and CANDi will work with Isla Animals to support Spay Mexico, Planned Pethood and Planned Pethood Mexico volunteer veterinarians in training over 48 local Mexican vets on how to do low-cost, safe, high-volume sterilization procedures.

During the first four days of the clinic, 125 dogs and cats each day will be spayed or neutered but on the last day, over 300 animals will undergo sterilization surgery, a major achievement that will save countless puppies and kittens from being born into lives of suffering.

Renowned international veterinarians from Spay Mexico and Planned Pethood, Dr. Jeffrey Young and Dr. W. Marvin Mackie, will be heading up the surgical team. Dr. Young has personally sterilized over 165,000 stray dogs and cats and specializes in high-volume clinics all over the world. Dr. Mackie is known for his mobile clinic expertise and "QuickSpay" techniques.

"It is an honour to have all these groups working together to help the animals of Cancun," says Darci Galati, founder of CANDi. "Along with Isla Animals and our other Humane Partners, this is our 6th spay/neuter clinic in Cancun but the first "Mega Training," a sterilization campaign that includes a week-long spay/neuter clinic and training for local vets on safer and improved sterilization procedures."

Craig is asking anyone wising to support CANDi through foster or adoption to contact him at and he will do his utmost to work with potential adopters to find the animal of their choosing.



A born and bred Alberta boy, Craig Moritz has been blazing trails on the Canadian country music scene since 2004. He released his debut album ‘The Way I Feel’ in 2005, then saw great radio and CMT success with ‘Blame You’ from his sophomore album, ‘Down and Dirty’ in 2008. After years of performing major concerts with some of the biggest names in music, as well as mainstay festivals like Big Valley Jamboree, the Calgary Stampede and Craven Country Jamboree, Craig released his third album in 2011. ‘Only When You’re Lonely’ is being touted as the break-through album for Craig by radio, industry and fans. The first single from the album generated huge buzz across Canada and south of the border.

The only thing Craig loves more than music is animals. In early 2011, Craig signed on with Cats and Dogs International (CANDi) as their official spokesperson. He works with the organization to help with sterilization and adoption programs, and enhance awareness for animal advocacy.

Craig can be found on Facebook at or Twitter at


CANDi is the only animal welfare organization that partners with the tourism industry to offer a unique and fresh approach to addressing the complex problem of stray cats and dogs. Unlike any other animal welfare organization, CANDi brings together business interests, economic interests, and charitable interests to implement consistent, effective, and replicable humane programs wherever they are needed most.

Within this framework, CANDi does the following: 1) Shows tourists how they can help; and teaches generations of children to be responsible pet owners.2) Partners with the travel industry such as major tour operators, airlines and major hotel chains to incorporate the humane treatment of animals as a standard acceptable practice in their corporate sustainable tourism programs.

CANDi offers sustainable and viable solutions to worldwide stray cat and dog overpopulation through our proven animal welfare programs.  For more information or to find out how you can help, or on Facebook at 

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