Ticketmaster Response re: Garth Brooks Tickets

A friend forwarded this email to me. She contacted Ticketmaster to inquire about the recent 58 second sell out of the Garth Brooks concer. She asked how she wasn't able to get tickets, and yet hundreds (or thousands) of tickets were instantly available on reseller ticket sites for hundreds or thousands of dollars.

This was Ticketmaster's response to her email.

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  Via Email (Leroy_ZYS554) 04/17/2012 02:53 AM
Hello Fan.

We’re sorry that you weren’t able to get tickets when they went on sale. While the following explanation may be of little comfort, I hope it will give you a bit more insight as to how onsales work and how the tickets for popular events can sell so fast.

When a popular event goes onsale there are hundreds and sometimes thousands of fans trying to get tickets at the same time. They are trying online at Ticketmaster.com, through our automated speech recognition platform, through sales reps, at any of our retail locations and at the box office. That’s a lot of places to go to get your tickets. If there are 500 fans trying to each buy 4 tickets, that is 2,000 tickets sold within seconds. 

As far as the rumors you have heard, they are somewhat true. We set tickets limits on event to prevent scalping from happening. If any orders are over the ticket limit, the venue will either cancel the extra tickets in the order, or cancel the entire order.

Ticket Buying Tip: We have often seen seats released for sale after the initial onsale. This happens due to regular Fan Support account clean up (such as fans who purchased over the ticket limit or had payment issues) as well as additional seats are sometimes released by the venue or the promoter as the event date approaches.

Be assured that Ticketmaster sells the best seats available at the time you buy your tickets. We work with each venue and promoter on seating maps and selling processes before each event goes on sale.

If you need anything else, we’re always here for you – just reply to this email or visitTicketmaster.com.

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 Auto-Response 04/16/2012 05:33 PM
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